Best PeakPTT Two-Way Radio Financing Options

Financing plans allow you to obtain the equipment you require now while you extend payment time frames, frequently without affecting your lines of credit or bank. PeakPTT offers appealing financing options. To help our customers afford communication equipment, we’re happy to announce a few different finance options available for your radio purchase.

How Do PeakPTT’s Two-Way Radio Financing Options Work?

It’s easy. We’ll come up with a quote for the equipment you wish to finance and offer you an estimate of what financing the equipment over several years versus buying the equipment outright in full would look like.

If you feel like one of our two-way radio financing options look like a great option for you, you’ll be connected with one of our financing partners to help validate your rates and coordinate your application.

At PeakPTT, here’s what you get:

  1. Minimal upfront costs:  With PeakPTT’s standard lease program, prior to the start of your lease, you are required to make the documentation fee and one advance payment.
  2. Quick credit decisions: You can easily apply online for financing at anytime. You’ll get a fast credit decision in seconds for the maximum amount you can finance. We support challenged credits and start-ups.
  3. Tax advantages: Your lease payments might be totally tax-deducible as an operational expense.
  4. Affordable monthly fixed payments:  Handle your month-to-month cash flow easier since you’ll know your term and monthly payment in advance.
  5. Preserve existing credit card lines and banks: Affordably acquire the equipment you require by leasing with Time Payment while you preserve your other credit sources.
  6. Protection against obsolete technology: With the right rental term or lease, you can plan for a technology upgrade. You’ll never be stuck with equipment that’s obsolete ever again.

PeakPTT two-way radios work wherever there’s cellular coverage. We use national carriers who offer extensive coverage all throughout the U.S. We leverage WiFi, existing cellular and broadband networks for transmitting voice over the internet. The radios will work as long as you’re in data coverage range.

Contact us anytime to have your questions answered or to get more information. PeakPTT offers your business with a more effective, better way of communicating and managing your mobile workforce. You can contact us here at PeakPTT through our contact form on our website or call us at 855-600-6161 for further information.