Battery Care Tips for Your Peak PTT Two-Way Radio

Properly caring for your Peak PTT two-way radio batteries is essential for maximizing their usefulness to you over time. In fact, properly caring your Peak PTT two-way radio batteries can help them last longer before needing to be recharged and even longer before you need to replace them. This saves you money and helps to ensure your batteries will work when you need them most.

Get the Initial Charge Right

The first time you charge your batteries, they go through a process known as “initializing.” For this charge, you’re going to need to charge your batteries a little longer than normal. Usually, overnight charging does the trick. With Lithium Ion batteries, like the rechargeable battery used with the PTT-84G, you will want to add two hours of charging time beyond when the green “charged” light comes on.

Store Unused Backup Batteries Properly

If you purchase backup batteries that you do not plan to initialize until you need them. This means storing them in cool, dry locations that are well-ventilated until you initialize them. You should also date them and be aware that lithium-ion batteries can be stored up to 18 months in this manner.

Remove Batteries from Use in the Proper Manner

There are many reasons some batteries may be removed from use. This is especially the case in seasonal businesses or in businesses that have extended downtime (such as schools over summer breaks and winter holidays or highway workers that may reduce crew deployment during rainy seasons or winter weather).

If you’re going to remove your battery from service for 30 days or longer, you should discharge them to about 50 percent of capacity before storing them. Again, store your batteries in cool, dry locations that are well-ventilated.

If your store these batteries for longer than two months you must fully discharge, then recharge the batteries before use.

Do Not Use Chargers as a Radio Stand

Continuous charging only serves to reduce the expected life of your battery and can greatly diminish the amount of time between required charging. In fact, a best practice would be to only charge your battery when it has been depleted completely and carry spare batteries, or portable chargers/adapters, for people who work extended hours in the field.

Properly caring for your Peak PTT two-way radio batteries helps you get more value for your money and helps to ensure your equipment doesn’t let you down at critical moments.

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