5 Ways Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radio Accessories Enhance Communication

Push-to-talk two way radios are an incredible way for you to communicate with someone that you are working with. It is quick and simple and could not be made easier. There are accessories that can be added on to the existing push-to-talk two-way radio to enhance communication.

Here is a list of the top five ways to improve communication even further with your push-to-talk two way radios:

1)  Communicate more privately in quiet or formal environments with headsets.

Many job sites require both hands on deck the whole entire time that you are working. It can be difficult to reach down and grab the radio to reply to someone who is speaking to you. It can be tedious and time consuming if it is a lot of back and forth, or if you talk on the radio a lot.

Headsets make this job so much easier. It is already on your head so you can hear everything that is being said without a doubt. Once you have to respond then the mic is already up by your mouth for you to speak. You can continue to work while you are communicating on your radio – without interrupting your work flow.

2)  Get extra protection in harsh environments with belt holsters.

Do you have a job that requires you being in a few different locations? Many radios are just in a cup holder or on a desk. If you move around all day, then you might want to look at getting a case with belt holster for your radio. This will give you the freedom of walking around and not worrying about forgetting the radio at another location. It also helps to prevent dropping of radios.

3)  Charge a team of radios with a space-saving multi-unit charging station.

There are many businesses that require multiple two-way radios. These multi-unit charging stations will keep all radios charged for every shift, day or night. Not only do they charge multiple devices at the same time, but they also save up space.

4) Protect your communication tools in wet environments with waterproof mics.

If your team can potentially be exposed to the elements then it will be worth it to get some microphones that are waterproof – or at least water resistant. This will make sure that communication is clearly heard by others in case of an emergency.

5) Reduce downtime and time waste with extra batteries.

We never know when a catastrophe on the job site will happen. We also never know how well the battery stays charged. It might be smart to have extra charged batteries nearby for everyone to be able to grab one in case they need it. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Push-to-talk two-way radios are very handy and useful. These accessories will only help you and your team perform the task at hand even better than before. Safety comes first.