Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Towing Companies

Towing companies have people on the road in the harshest of conditions. Whether your people are trying to navigate around massive traffic snarls to reach stranded motorists or remove vehicles that have been damaged in accidents or you’re out on the road rescuing drivers affected by rain, wind, ice, or snow, push to talk two-way radios can be instrumental in helping you get the job done faster and safer than ever before. Here are four ways it push to talk two-way radios does just that:

#1) Provides  Instant Access to Communication

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7 Tips for Effective School Fire Safety Drills

School safety is front and center on the minds of every educator in today’s times. There are many risks students face, including the risk of fire. For this reason, it’s important for schools to conduct regular fire safety drills each school year to familiarize students and staff with the proper procedures to follow.

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Push to Talk for Snowmobile Communication

Snowmobiling is a great way to spend an afternoon, or an entire day if you’re lucky. However, safety is important when you’re out riding your favorite trails or even taking your snowmobile off-track to explore new territory.

One key safety factor is effective communication over great distances, which is why push to talk two-way radios rein supreme when it comes to snowmobile communication. However, there are a few things you need to know when choosing the best radio to meet your needs.

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Peak PTT Adds Everest 4G LTE Mobile Radio

Shop PTT-M54G Now

We would like to introduce the PTT-M54G from Peak PTT available mid-January 2019.  Features a 4″ touch screen, built-in speaker, connects to vehicles 12 VDC battery

Instant always on talk for your mobile workforce.  Stay connected all the time, runs on the Peak PTT Everest Platform.

Integrated on the Peak PTT Everest Platform.  Designed for Small, Medium & Large talk groups.  Everest boasts High Availability, Low Latency message delivery, with a 99.999% SLA uptime.  Everest Ecosystem includes – Dedicated PTT hardware devices, Android & Apple Apps, and PC Dispatch Control with Emergency Event Management.

WiFi Enabled
Bluetooth Enabled
GPS Tracking

MSRP: $399.00.

Become a Peak PTT Two-Way Radio Dealer

Partnerships can be strategic moves for businesses to make. Provided, of course, you choose partners whose values match your own. Partnering with Peak PTT to become a two-way radio dealer allows you to offer your customers the outstanding products and services that are making Peak PTT a name to know within the communications industry.

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Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Property Managers

Property managers have a lot of balls in the air at any given time. Push to talk two-way radio communications allows you to manage your staff more effectively so none of these balls get dropped and things go smoothly for your entire organization. Whether you manage one property or multiple properties, these are some of the reasons your organization needs push to talk two-way radios.

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Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Snow Tubing Parks

Snow tubing parks are much bigger operations than the many people realize. It takes a lot of people working together to create picture-perfect experience snow tubing guests enjoy day-in and day-out.

The snow tubing park crew, who work so tirelessly, are spread out over great distances to offer the right amount of supervision, instruction, and service to the guests who visit. This is why push to talk radios for snow tubing parks are quickly becoming essential and beneficial tools.

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Five Tips to Stop Would-Be Shoplifters Before They Steal

Don’t think shoplifting is a big problem in retail stores today? Think again. According to Time Inc, shoplifting cost businesses $48.9 billion in 2016. That’s nothing to sneeze at. While you may not be able to eliminate shoplifting in your retail businesses completely, there are things you can do to reduce its frequency in your shops, like the five things listed below.

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