Push to Talk Radios for College Campuses

College campuses operate like small cities. Communication between faculty, staff, administrators, maintenance personnel, and security are critical tools for maintaining order on campus and providing a safe environment in which students can learn.

Push to talk radios can be instrumental in facilitating communication on campuses no matter what’s going on in and outside your hallowed halls of learning.

These are a few benefits digital radios for college campuses have to offer.

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What GPS Tracking Benefits are Included with Peak Push to Talk PTT

GPS is a vital safety feature that is often overlooked and undervalued. When you’re exploring your business communications options and have workers in the field, you can’t afford to overlook the potential value of GPS tracking and what they can mean for your business.

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What are PTT IP Radio Ratings?

Push to talk radios are expected to not only function, but to perform admirably, in a variety of conditions. In some industries, that means these radios must perform with exposure to wind, rain, dark of night, and driving snow, depending on the location and the season, course.

IP ratings for PTT radios often serve as representations of the ruggedness or durability of PTT radios when exposed to certain environmental factors.

What Does IP Stand for?

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Push to Talk Radios for Farm Crop Harvesting

Whether you own a small farm employing a few select hands to help you through the busy harvest season or you own a large conglomerate farm with a large staff throughout the year, communication is critical for making it through the crop harvesting process each year.

Push to talk radios for agriculture harvesting can be critical tools for aiding in the process. These are just a few ways they can be lend you another helping hand.

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Push to Talk Two Way Radios for K-12 Education

Educators face more challenges today than they have in a long time when. One of the major challenges is effective communication. Oddly enough, in a world where mobile phones proliferate, in times of emergency, mobile phones face serious communication handicaps.

This is why many K-12 school systems are considering two-way radio communications for staff instead of relying on mobile phones for communication. These highly useful tools facilitate communication in all the following situations and more.

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Push to Talk for Golf Course Management

Managing a golf course is a lot of work. There are many moving parts that must work together perfectly to ensure that every one of your guests has an enjoyable golfing experience. After all, you want your golfers to come back to play a round or two again and again.

Push to talk (PTT) for golf course management communication can help you manage your golf course more efficiently than ever before.

These are just a few of the great ways PTT can help with golf course management.

Facilitates Communication With Your Staff

One of the biggest benefits of push to talk communication is that it enables you to communicate with staff in groups, as a whole, or with individuals wherever they are located on your grounds throughout your golf course.

Members of your staff that can use push to talk radios include any or all of the following:

  • Pro-shop staff
  • Golf pros
  • Greenskeepers
  • Maintenance staff
  • Irrigation staff
  • Caddies
  • Timekeepers
  • Gift shop staff
  • Restaurant staff
  • 19th hole staff
  • Event staff
  • Parking staff
  • Golf cart attendants
  • Water buffalo refilling staff


Since most golf courses cover a lot of ground, 150 acres on average for an 18-hole course,  according to Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), PTT 4G coverage can be hugely advantageous over other forms of communication that may have more limited ranges. Push to talk systems leverage existing cellular networks, wifi networks, and the internet enabling you to communicate over wide coverage areas.

Allows You to Manage Events More Efficiently

Each event your golf course holds is an important opportunity to bring notoriety and exposure to your golf course. Push to talk communication helps you coordinate with various staff members throughout the event to make sure things are going smoothly.

This includes people who are handling beverage carts, security, parking, and more. It also facilitates communications with officials, registration attendants, and specialized staff brought in to handle the event to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that all guests and participants have an enjoyable experience.

Makes it Possible to Create Organization Wide Announcements

Whether you need to spread the word quickly about weather fronts moving through the area, so they can notify players of risks of lightning, or you need to get the word out about security issues or player emergencies, push to talk allows you to transmit important news with the press of a single button. PTT radios also have a one-touch panic button, which is extremely useful in the event of a medical or security emergency.

This improves safety, security, and response times to emergencies. Combine that with the GPS location capabilities of Peak PTT equipment and you are able to direct the proper emergency responders to the exact location of emergencies even on the extremely large, wide open spaces, associated with golf courses.

Contact Peak PTT today to learn more about the equipment and services we offer and how they can help you manage your golf course even more effectively. Call us at 1-855-600-6161 or email us at info@peakptt.com.

Company Cellphone Abuse by Employees: What Company Cellphones Really Cost Your Business

If you’re a business that provides company-provided cellphones to employees, you could be losing money due to cell phone abuse.

Here’s a statistic to know: A recent OfficeTeam survey reported about in Fortune magazine discovered that office employees spend an average of 56 minutes each day using cell phones at work for activities that have nothing to do with work. That’s almost one hour a day!

In fact, you might be losing money, not only in higher than necessary cellphone bills, but also in lost productivity.

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FirstNet: What Mission Critical First Responders Should Know

With all eyes in the nation turned toward visions of safety and security, the creation of FirstNet is an attempt to provide a nationwide network specifically dedicated to first responders.

Congress authorized FirstNet in 2012 with the mission of developing and building a nationwide broadband network that allows first responders access to key information to aid them in their jobs of serving local communities.

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