Push to Talk Over Cellular (POC): Key Terminology Explained

Push to talk (PTT) is not exactly recent technology. It has been around for a while. But with cellular networks adding to the mix, it’s catching on as a viable communication tool for businesses in a variety of industries, however.

Whether you are new to push to talk over cellular (PoC) technology or are trying to learn more about it, understanding the following terminology may help you get more mileage from your PoC experience.

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What is Push to Talk Over Cellular?

Push to talk over cellular technology, sometimes called PTT or PoC, allows people to use traditional mobile phones (or in our case, specially designed walkie talkie style radios) that mimic two-way radios with an unlimited range. This gives users instant access to a single user or an entire group of users to send critical safety alerts and instant communication.

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